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Food, an integral part of Indian culture shares the same diversity as language and tradition. Traditional Indian food has an exceptional blend of flavours, colours, seasoning, nutritional balance, aroma, taste and visual appeal. An Indian woman gets trained in culinary skills right from a tender age. However to get the perfect taste she ends up spending a lot of time in the kitchen. On an average, an Indian woman spends around 4-5 hours per day in the kitchen. With the changing trends of modern day, Indian woman especially in metropolitan cities has to strike a balance between home and work. Hence there is a lookout for easier and healthier alternatives to reduce her burden and simultaneously keep the family happy and healthy without compromising on the taste and nutrition.

Millet  Dosa  Batter

Millets  with Urad dal are good source of Iron,good Fibre,Proteins, B Vitamins, Micro and Macro Nutrients.



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